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Division of UV LED wavelength


5, UVA: The wavelength is 320-390nm, also known as long-wave black spot effect ultraviolet rays. It has strong penetrating power and can penetrate most transparent glass and plastic. More than 98% of the long-wave ultraviolet rays contained in sunlight can penetrate the ozone layer and clouds to reach the earth's surface. Because these UV LED(or purple LED) emit the light in the UVA spectrum so that are great for projects with fluorescent materials referred to as UV/blacklight-reactive or "glow in the dark". These UV LED wavelength(365nm LED, 380nm LED, 395nm LED, 400Nm LED ect.) are widely used in money detector project or insect trapping ect.

5, UVB wavelength is 280-320nm, also known as medium wave erythema effect ultraviolet. Medium penetration. Its shorter wavelength will be absorbed by transparent glass. Most of the medium-wave ultraviolet rays contained in sunlight are absorbed by the ozone layer. Only less than 2% can reach the earth's surface. It will be particularly strong in summer and afternoon.

5, UVC wavelength is below 280nm, also known as short-wave sterilization ultraviolet. Its penetrating ability is weak and cannot penetrate most of transparent glass and plastic. The short-wave ultraviolet rays contained in sunlight are almost completely absorbed by the ozone layer. Short-wave ultraviolet rays are very harmful to the human body. Short-term exposure can burn the skin, and long-term or high-intensity exposure can also cause skin cancer. UV high-pressure mercury lamps and ultraviolet germicidal lamps emit UVC short-wave ultraviolet rays.

5, UVD wavelength 100 ~ 200nm, also known as vacuum ultraviolet.

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